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What does a teether/teething ring do?

Answered on 11th January 2016
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Teething babies often feel better when gentle pressure is applied to the gums, so you may find your baby likes chewing on a teether or teething ring. Also, the sucking motion, while painful for some teething babies, can be beneficial for others. This is because some babies get a feeling of security and comfort from sucking.

There are many pros and cons to giving a baby a dummy, teething or otherwise. For example babies can learn to self-pacify themselves as a dummy can be a source of comfort. However, babies who use a teething dummy for long periods can potentially develop tooth misalignment and speech problems.

There are alternatives to using a teething dummy, such as a chilled teething ring, or cold pieces of fruit or vegetables. With anything you give your child, be aware of choking hazards and be sure the object has been sanitised.

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