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Pain & Fever

CALPOL® Infant Suspension

For babies and children aged 2 months to 6 years weighing more than 4kg and not premature.

Tough on pain and fever. Gentle on the tummy.


CALPOL® Blocked Nose Spray

From 3 years

Natural relief from nasal congestion

This product can be used effectively in conjunction with other CALPOL® medicines. Age ranges vary.

From 3 months

Soothing vapours for clear & easy breathing

This product can be used alongside CALPOL® Infant Suspension, CALPOL® Sixplus Suspension or CALPOL® Sixplus Fastmelts if pain and fever relief is also needed.

When your baby’s just a few days, weeks or even months old, they seem so fragile. And if they do get ill, it’s not easy to know what to do to help.

At CALPOL®, our family of products is specifically designed to work gently and effectively to help your little one feel better. We’ve carefully developed treatments for many of the things that can make your baby feel out of sorts, from colds to fever, earache and teething pain.

On this page, you can see all the products from the CALPOL® Family you can use to take care of your baby when they’re less than 1 year old.

What's the matter with your baby?



How can you tell if your baby's too hot? And what can you do if your little one is running a temperature?

Fever information and help

Teething Pain

Teething Pain

Most babies start teething from 6 months – know what to look out for, and what you
can do.

Teething guide

Blocked nose

Blocked nose

A blocked nose can cause problems breathing, sleeping and feeding, but you can help your little one breathe more freely.

Clearing nasal congestion

Post-immunisation fever?

Post-immunisation fever

It's not unusual to get a mild fever after an immunisation. So how can you make your baby feel better?

Immunisation: what to expect