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Should I give my baby teething biscuits?

Answered on 11th January 2016
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A telltale sign that your baby is starting to teethe is that they want to gnaw, chew and bite on anything they can find. This is because gentle pressure can sometimes provide relief to sore gums. Giving them something safe to chew is a good idea, as it will keep them from gnawing on dangerous objects.

Remember that although teething biscuits are different to regular biscuits, they can still contain high amounts of sugar and possibly promote tooth decay when consumed by your child. Consider making some teething biscuits yourself to be sure.

In general, teething biscuits and other foods can be used to relieve teething discomfort if your baby is around six months old and has already started eating solid food. You should test the biscuits as a choking hazard before giving them to your baby. Take a small bite and see if the biscuit crumbles or dissolves. If the biscuit breaks easily, it can be a choking risk. Biscuits that dissolve are safer, but always supervise your baby when they are eating.


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