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Why is my baby having teething problems?

Answered on 11th January 2016
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For some babies, teething will be painless, while others may react strongly to the discomfort. This is because a baby’s response to teething depends on a variety of factors: tolerance to pain, personality and how dense the gums are.

Though every baby is different, teething can cause the gums to swell and be tender, so it is perfectly normal for a baby to be uncomfortable.

Sucking causes blood to rush to the swollen areas, making the gums even more sensitive. So you may find when your baby is teething they don’t like feeding from the breast or bottle. If this appears to be the case, consider switching to a cup (teacher beakers with a flip up spout are ideal for this age group). Once babies are about six months old, they are generally able to start using a cup.

In toddlers, the big and blunt molars are slow to push through and can also cause enough discomfort to make your child irritable and unhappy.


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