What is CALPOL®

The CALPOL® Family are the products that generations of mums and dads have reached for when their children were feeling poorly and they just want to help make them feel better.

From stuffy noses and sore throats to aches and pains, fevers and teething, we’ve carefully developed a family of effective medicines to help you take great care of your little one.

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Our story

In over 35 years, our commitment to developing gentle yet effective treatments to help parents look after their children has never changed.

Specialists in children’s medicine

At CALPOL®, we understand that when your little one is feeling unwell, all you want is to see a happy smile on their face again.

We know that your love and care are more important than anything else when it comes to making your baby feel better. And we know that cuddles can go a long, long way.

But we also know that – sometimes – everyone needs a little help.

For over 35 years, parents have relied on our medicines when their children are unwell.

When they are unwell, our products can help soothe them. When they’re in pain, our products can bring reassuring relief.

Each one of our medicines is the fruit of years of experience, research and knowledge. Which means you can trust them for the people you value most of all – your children.

What is CALPOL®?

The CALPOL® Family of products have been developed over a number of years to effectively treat the illnesses and symptoms that most commonly affect children.

Products from CALPOL® are different from adult medicines – they have all been designed specifically for children’s growing bodies.

The CALPOL® Family of medicines are specially designed for children, to offer them relief from the discomforts of pain and fever and to help you look after your little one when they get a cold.

Discover all the different products in the CALPOL® Family that can help you look after your little one.

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