CALPOL® Blocked Nose Spray

Blocked Nose Spray for Children


relief from nasal congestion.

Suitable for adults and children over 3 years.

Congestion & blocked noses caused by


When your child has a stuffed up nose, CALPOL® Blocked Nose Spray helps to wash away built up mucus. It’s a simple, non-medicated treatment to help them breathe more freely.
CALPOL® Blocked Nose Spray can be used effectively in conjunction with any CALPOL® medicines. Age ranges vary.


Suitable for adults and children over 3 years.



  • Put the nozzle into one nostril, holding the bottle vertically.
  • Press the other nostril closed.
  • Press the spray head once and spray deeply, breathing in at the same time.
  • Then repeat in the other nostril.

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One to two sprays in each nostril as required.

For further advice, always read the label.

Available as

  • CALPOL® Blocked Nose Spray15ml

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