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What are the symptoms of cradle cap in children?

Answered on 11th January 2016
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Cradle cap is characterised by:

  • Scales and flakes on the scalp
  • Yellow crusts on the scalp
  • Greasy yellow or brown patches on the scalp
  • Redness of the skin in affected areas

Cradle cap can also sometimes spread behind the ears, with other patches appearing in the groin, nose and skin folds such as the armpit and back of the knees. Your baby’s hair may also come away when flakes of skin fall off or they are removed, but it will grow back in time.

If there are any signs of swelling or itching around your baby’s scalp, it is important to speak to your family doctor as this may be a sign of another condition such as eczema. In addition to cradle cap, some babies will also develop a mild red rash.


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