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What are the next steps if it is suspected that my child has asthma?

Answered on 11th January 2016
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Because of the difficulties in making an accurate diagnosis of asthma in young children, it is unlikely that children will receive confirmation that they definitely have it after an initial examination. If your child is considered to have a low probability of having asthma, your health professional may recommend some further tests and more detailed investigations of your little one’s symptoms. For many children under the age of 4-5 years, the usual approach will be something known as ‘watchful waiting’ or ‘watch and wait’. During this period of time, you will be asked to keep an accurate record of your little one’s symptoms and make a note of anything that seems to make them better or worse. This will give your health professional some further clues about whether or not your child does have asthma, as well as any particular triggers that may cause it. You may also be asked to give your child a trial of treatment in case the asthma is likely.


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