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Why is my child constipated?

Answered on 11th January 2016
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There are a number of reasons why your little one may have trouble going to the toilet. Because constipation can be very painful and cause a lot of pain when children are trying to poo, this will often discourage them from wanting to go to the toilet again. The more it hurts the more a child tends to hold back, which in turn makes the constipation worse. Once a child is very constipated, they may not want to go to the toilet altogether.

A child’s diet can impact on their ability to go the toilet regularly, with too much milk also sometimes responsible for constipation. A diet lacking fiber which is contained in for example fruits, vegetables or cereal is often a reason for constipation as well. If your child is worried or anxious about something this can also affect their toilet habits1, and if they are of school age they may not feel comfortable using public toilets due to concerns about privacy and cleanliness.


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