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What should I do about my child's head injuries?

Answered on 11th January 2016
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Almost every child will bump their head at some point. Most injuries will often be minor and involve nothing more than a bruise and a few tears, but it is important to know when things may be a little more serious.

Most bumps and knocks will benefit from an ice pack wrapped in a towel being applied to the sore area. A packet of frozen peas wrapped in a towel can also be effective as it can be pressed around the injury area. If your little one has a mild headache they can be given paracetamol, although ibuprofen and aspirin should be avoided when the headache is caused by a bump to the head.

If your child falls unconscious, is drowsy or persistently sick, their breathing has changed, they are having convulsions or they seem weak and confused, it is important to call an ambulance as soon as possible.


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