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How can I tell if my baby is teething?

Answered on 11th January 2016

Babies generally start teething when they are about six months old. But keep in mind that some babies get their first tooth later than that and some are even born with teeth.

Every baby is different, including how they respond to teething. For some it’s not a painful experience, and you may notice the following signs regardless:

  • A tooth or teeth visible beneath the gum
  • Sucking or chewing on fingers, toys and other objects
  • Drooling more than usual
  • Flushed face or cheeks

If your baby is uncomfortable you may notice these signs of teething as well:

  • Sore, red and swollen gums
  • Unable to settle or sleep
  • Irritability or crying more often
  • Being off their food

Some symptoms, such as a temperature or diarrhoea, are not related to teething. Speak to your doctor or health visitor if you’re concerned about your baby’s symptoms.

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