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Why does my child keep getting colds?

Answered on 11th January 2016
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More than 200 types of virus can cause the common cold so your child can have one cold right after getting over another, because each one is caused by a different virus.

A child typically has seven to ten colds a year, while an adult has only two to four. So in comparison to you, it may seem like your child is sick all the time. A child can pick up colds from other children at playgroups, nurseries and schools, or from siblings. Even babies and toddlers can get up to eight colds a year, as they haven’t built up their immune systems yet. Children in nurseries commonly get more colds than those looked after at home as they are exposed to more germs.

It’s normal for children and adults to get colds more often during the colder months. The combination of cold outside air and indoor heating can dry up nasal membranes. This is an ideal environment for a cold virus to take hold. If your child is around a smoker this can increase the likelihood of your child having many different upper respiratory problems, such as cold or flu.


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