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What is the best way to treat my child’s ulcer?

Answered on 11th January 2016
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Much of the treatment for mouth ulcers is non-medical and there are a number of practical measures that you can take to help ease uncomfortable symptoms. When it comes to brushing their teeth, using a soft toothbrush can help you avoid aggravating any ulcers inside your little one’s mouth. At meal times, soft foods like mashed potato or soup are a good alternative to harder foods that are more difficult to chew.
Avoid foods that are likely to sting and cause your child any further discomfort. It might be a good idea to cut out spicy or acidic foods until the ulcer has healed. If you think that your little one’s ulcer has been caused by a sharp tooth or a filling, visit your dentist who should be able to provide a solution.

There are some mouthwashes and sprays that are available to help reduce the pain of mouth ulcers and to speed up the healing process. Sugar free teething gels to ease any ulcer related pain is also a good option. However, many of those available over the counter are primarily for adults, so it is important to consult either your pharmacist or family doctor if you wish to discuss treatment options. Left alone, most mouth ulcers will heal by themselves within 10-14 days.


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